Solid State Drives

Solid State drives (SSD) require a fine shred to 2mm (practically Dust) performing a 2mm shred particle size is critical to obliterate the data. Unlike a rotary HDD SSD’s use Microchips that won’t disintegrate the data using the conventional shredding process. ICT use the certified CPNI 2MM shredder which is now the industry national requirement to completely destroy these types of drives.

In addition to our mobile Shredding process customers can login to a static IP camera onboard our vehicle and view the actual destruction of their assets and receive a detailed date stamped serial listing of all items destroyed – delivering mobile results that are secure, compliant and absolute.

Hard Disk Drive

HDD shredding to 6mm is used for top level complete physical destruction of a drive. Larger particle shredding sizes for example 14mm-20mm-30mm for drives are also available depending on instructions. We don’t recommend Crushing, smashing, or punching drives this can still leave data intact. Secure cradle to grave I.T. asset management requires a system that accounts for the location and status of each asset.

With an auditable, trackable, and indisputable inventory record of each destroyed drive, liability and risk is eliminated. If you have sensitive data, assurance that it is gone for good with the correct documentation is not only peace of mind, but can also save you from damages in the event of a breach.

Media Shredding

Mobile onsite shredding provides quiet, speedy, and secure shredding services of Sim Cards, cell phones, backup tapes, DLT, LTO, CD’s, thumb drives, and other data storage devices.

Performing these services at the client’s location enables their personnel to witness the process take place, thus maintaining the highest level of security and eliminating any chain of custody dilemmas.

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