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Compliant Recycling

Hassle Free Removals

Dispose of your redundant IT equipment in a hassle-free, secure and environmentally-friendly manner. Minimize data disposal risk and realize the maximum residual value of your retired assets through our asset value recovery process. Pre-arranged collections 24-7 Terms and conditions apply.

We offer additional service options to accommodate your specific requirements and protocols


If your technology is truly obsolete, ICT will ensure equipment is promptly removed and responsibly recycled in accordance with data security and environmental safety regulations.

We are fully compliant with all waste permits, national standards for data protection, and environmentally responsible IT recycling.


If equipment is non-propriety our IT technicians will assess and quality check all units to unlock the highest remarketable value. If there are security concerns these will be addressed and prioritized.

ICT personnel will work with you to maximise recovery through our global vendor platform while delivering seamless logistics throughout the process.

You have a duty to manage your electronics in an environmentally and responsible manner. We are confident we will meet your needs due to proprietary technology, proactive regulatory compliance and globally-accepted best practices.

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