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Data Centre Decommissioning Services


The best way to simplify a Data Centre decommissioning project or a complete office equipment clear-out is to enlist the help of a company having both the experience and expertise in managing the project for you. ICT will assist in managing all aspects of your decommissioning project, our service team are experts in facilities, IT and cabling.

ICT can professionally plan, disassemble, transport, dispose/recycle, and re-market all your data center equipment. Our service team at ICT have a proven track record in both disassembly and removal of data center equipment. ICT provides a critical support role when data centers close, move or consolidate their infrastructure.

Additionally, our service team at ICT will also recover the highest revenue return value from any decommissioned equipment.


  • Create SOW on request
  • Data Erasure and Degaussing
  • Equipment removal
  • On-off site SSD / HDD shredding
  • Consolidate, wrap and package
  • Secure palletizing
  • Equipment GPS tracked transport
  • Recycle all recyclable materials
  • EPA Certified Hazardous Waste

Remove, Remarket, Recycle, Report

IT assets are decommissioned at a high rate due to today’s dynamic market. Efficiency in recovering value in these assets while maintaining data security is paramount to the success of any organization. Whether it’s through resale or recycling, money back into the IT budget is a plus, and a successful asset recovery program can provide this.

With the right partner choice, a customer can choose any number of programs to return revenue back to the organization. This practice develops a strategic and profitable partnership.

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